Integrative Ajou Biomedical Curriculum (i-ABC)

integrative Ajou Biomedical Curriculum

i-ABC (integrative Ajou Biomedical Curriculum)

Core Courses

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Introduction to biomedical science

Basic introductory courses on fundamentals of research methodology, statistics, research ethics, intellectual property, academic writing, and basic applied bioinformatics

- Introduction to biomedical science research
- Analysis and utilization of biomedical data
- Molecular and cellular biology
- Bioinformatics

Core Courses

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Essential core curriculum ofthe four programs

Core courses with varying levels of difficulty

- Immunology
- Metabolic biology
- Molecular and cellular neuroscience I, II
- Neurophysiology
- Organization of nervous system and introduction to cancer biology I,II
- Cell cycle and cell death
- Biomedical and healthcare informatics I, II
- Bioinformatics
- Pattern analysis and data mining biomedical data

Elective Courses

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Interdisciplinary program bridging allfour programs

rogram open to students of all majors to foster integrative knowledge and thinking required for interdisciplinary research

-Experimental molecular biology
- Neuroimmunology /Molecular and cellular physiology
- Seminar on the biomedical industry
-Protein and tissue engineering

Curriculum implementation plan

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