The Department of Biomedical Sciences will serve as the key force of growth in the Korean biomedical industry.

The Department of Biomedical Sciences is more than a space for academics or research.

The key force behind the growth driver of the Korean biomedical industry!

The development of the biomedical industry in Korea, which will play an important role in the future offood in Korea, must be supported by highly advanced biomedical sciences.
We nurture talented individuals who will conduct novel biomedical research based on logical thinking and scientific debating skills and become theprimary driving force of innovators and pioneers behind the advancement of our biomedical industry.

Optimal location for training biomedical scientists
Recognized as the best research-oriented medical school in Korea

The Ajou University Graduate School – Department of Biomedical Sciences is located in southern Gyeonggi Province, where over 80% of the nation’s bio-pharmaceutical companies are concentrated, provides optimal conditions for training and educating biomedical scientists that will meet the emerging needs of the industry.
The Ajou School of Medicine has become a leader in biomedicine research since it was founded in 1973. Today, it is recognized as the best research-oriented medical school in Korea through jointtranslational research withAjou University Hospital, the largest tertiary general hospital in southern Gyeonggi and a designated research university.

Innovative Education Model: integrative Ajou Biomedical Curriculum (i-ABC)

The Ajou University Graduate School – Department of Biomedical Sciences has incorporated the i-ABC (integrative Ajou Biomedical Curriculum), an innovative educational model that encourages the growth of talented individuals who will be able keep pace with the growing needs of the expanding biomedical sciences and industry.
We aim to deepen and reinforce our program-specific curriculum of traditional biomedical sciences (Cancer biology, Molecular medicine, Neuroscience and Biomedical informatics)whilestrengtheningour common core courses including molecular and cellular biology, research methodology, and medical statistics that comprise the foundation of biomedical science. We will provide the best graduate education in the nation by offering new courses to hone basic skills as scientists, including scientific writing, ethics, bioinformatic technology, and database processing.
We also aim to promote investment in the research and development oforiginal biomedical technologies including biomedical informatics, regenerative medicine, and antibody engineering technologies, and reinforce translational biomedical research in cancer, metabolic and inflammatory diseases, and neurological diseases to establish ourselves as a top-tier research group in Korea.
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Byung Gon Kim Head of Department of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate School of Biomedical Science is more than just a place to study or to research.
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