Neuroscience, Cancer biology, Molecular medicine, Biomedical informatics and Convergence medicine

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Molecular MedicineProgram

This program helps students gain overall understanding of gene structure and the mechanisms of gene expression and regulation to ultimately understand the fundamental concept of diseases and the mechanisms underlying pathogenesis and treatment.

Areas of interest
Students acquire basic knowledge of biomedical science as they studythe molecular biology, biochemistry, histology, immunology, and genetic medicine approaches to pathogens and formulate knowledge of applied biomedicineincluding gene-level systems biology, pathophysiology, preclinical/clinical trials, and clinical medicine.
Program core courses
Immunology, Metabolic biology
Program Head
Microbiology Lab, Professor
Seong Hyang Sohn    |

Neuroscience program

The neuroscience program is a leader in almost all areasof neuroscience, as it encompassesthe cellular/molecular, to the systems level, and trains students in translational research that bridges basic research in neuroscience with clinical practice.

Areas of interest
Molecular and cellular neuroscience, Organization and development of nervous system, Neurophysiology, etc. Core knowledge in neuroscience and areas of biomedical sciences that help to understand the mechanisms of pathogenesis and treatment in neurological disorders
Program core courses
Molecular and Cellular NeuroscienceⅠ,Ⅱ,
Structure and Development of Nervous System, Neurophysiology
Program Head
Department of Neuroscience, Professor
Byung Gon Kim    |

Cancer biology program

Students explore the basis of pathophysiology, molecular biology, and cell biology research in cancer.

Areas of interest
This program covers theareas of cell senescence, hepatocarcinogenesis, cancer-related systems biology, cell cycle and genomic instability, mitochondrial dynamics, qualitative protein regulation, and cell death mechanisms.
Program core courses
Introduction to cancer biology I and II, Cell cycle and cell death
Program Head
Biochemistry Lab, Professor
Hye Seong Cho    |

Biomedical informatics and convergence medicine program

This program focuses on the systems-level biomedical research through interdisciplinary joint research such as biomedical informatics, convergence nanotechnology, genomic medicine, regenerative medicine, andtranslation medicine for clinical application.

Areas of interest
This program provides interdisciplinary education in informatics theory, methods in information/knowledge engineering and applied clinical and basic medical science to train students incollecting, processing and applying medical data in clinical medicine and basic biomedical research. Students also acquire the basic knowledge of genomics and ability to utilize clinical data in genomics research.
Program core courses
Biomedical and Healthcare Informatics Ⅰ and Ⅱ, Genomic medicine, Pattern analysis and data mining biomedical data Ⅰ and Ⅱ
Program Head
Physiology Lab, Professor
Hyun Goo Woo    |
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